Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Make Pattern in solidwork program was very easy.
Many features - supporting features are already available in solidwork.
Pattern itself is made item by repeating the selected features in an array based on the features we want.
We can create linear patterns, circular patterns, curve pattern, fill pattern, or use a sketch or a table point coordinates to create a Pattern.

To reproduce the features in SolidWorks select the Properties option in the Visual PropertyManager.
With multibody, we can use the pattern to some body in the same document.
For the Circular Pattern, select the features and axis as the center of rotation, and define:
Number of items and the distance angle or angle total number of items and to create patterns.

To Curve Driven Pattern, select the features and the edge or sketch segment in which to pattern these features. Then we can determine the type of curve, curve method, and method of alignment.

For Pattern Sketch, choose where to fill a seed by a sketch feature points on the face model.
For the Table Pattern, add to or take the previous item with XY coordinates to fill the feature.
For Pattern Fill, fill the area defined by the pattern features.
We also can create patterns, and a mirror copy of the patterns and the control and modify patterns.

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