Sunday, 7 October 2012

Creating a Door

In your AutoCAD file, create a new layer: A-Door, with color: blue, and lineweight: 0.09 mm. Set this layer as current layer.

Draw a 50×150 rectangle as the frame. Copy it to it’s right with 700mm distance. Draw a rectangle 30×650 as door panel. Then draw an arc for swing symbol to complete it.
door geometry
The last thing we are going to add is a wipeout. Activate it, and draw a rectangle wipeout that covers the whole door width.
You will see the door frames are covered by the wipeout. Select the wipeout, right click, then from context menu select draw order>send to back.
send to back
Why do we use wipeout? We are going to host our door to a wall. We don’t want to trim or modify our wall after door placement. And modifying the wall length will be reported incorrectly. So we add wipeout to cover our wall later. We will try this at the end :)
Now as usual, create a block from this object. We will create it as dynamic block. Give it name ‘Single Door’. You can define insertion point wherever you think appropriate. Open your block in block editor.

Adding Parameters and Action

We are still using linear parameter. Add a linear parameter as below.
door parameter
Delete the left arrow. Or you can change ‘number of grips value’ to 1 in properties palette.

There are 3 action we need to add, based to this parameter:

1. Add a stretch action to stretch our door width. Similar to what we do with adding action to dynamic block wall. This time we only need to create a small rectangle to include the right door frame and the wipeout.
stretch width action
2. Add scale action to resize the arc door swing symbol. This action is very simple to add. Just select the parameter, then select the arc. [ENTER] to finish.
3. Add another stretch action for resizing the door panel. Only select the door panel when this action ask you to select object.
door panel action

Parameter and Action Properties

Placing those action is easy I believe. But we are not finish yet. We are going to limit the size. We don’t want AutoCAD users to change the door size without a guidance. We will change some parameter properties just like we did when we create column. Select the parameter. Change the Dist type to ‘List’ and click the … button to input distance value list.
Don’t forget to change this parameter name to something like ‘width’ or ‘door width’.
*You may want to use Increment. But since the last time we used it, I think it will be better to use list now.
parameter value set
Add more values to define your door width.
distance list
The last one, is changing an action properties. Not only parameter has properties! Remember the stretch action for the door panel? Where do you think the door panel will be stretch? Horizontally!
We need to change a property to override this behavior. Select this action, open your palette property. Under overrides category, change the angle offset to 90 degrees.
action overrides
This will override the stretch action, it will stretch the door panel vertically even the parameter is stretch horizontally.
Ok, we are done! Save block, and close block editor.
save block
If you have difficulties with the tutorial, you can watch this video. But sorry, this video don’t use WIPEOUT. But shouldn’t be a problem, because we are emphasizing on parameters and actions.

One more thing. We still can see our wipeout frame. Let’s turn it off. Activate wipeout, then type F [ENTER] to activate frame option. Type OFF [ENTER] to turn it off.
Command: WIPEOUT
Specify first point or [Frames/Polyline] <Polyline>: F
Enter mode [ON/OFF] <ON>: OFF
Regenerating model.
Try to stretch your door and don’t forget to try placing your door at walls!

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