Sunday, 7 October 2012

How to make bearings

This is how to make bearings
  1. Step 1

    open a sketch on right plane began to drawing a sketch like this
  2. Step 2

    use mirror command and trim command. draw the axis
  3. Step 3

    use revolved boss command
  4. Step 4

    open sketc to right plane and draw a circle. enter values
  5. Step 5

    use revolve command again
  6. Step 6

    use circular pattern command
  7. Step 7

    open a sketch to righ plane and draw shown sketch
  8. Step 8

    use revolve command. be carreful at volues
  9. Step 9

    use circular pattern command again
  10. Step 10

    connect the bodies which you created last
  11. Step 11

    use mirror comand. that's all :))

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